About Us

Hello there! We are Close Encounters Of The Comic Book Mind. Welcome to our website and we hope you find books that are of personal and collective interest. As a small family business, every member of our family has a genuine interest in comic books, comic art and related comic book entertainment. Some members of our family have been attending the San Diego Comic Con since its inception. Many of the books in our inventory have come from purchases from that one convention alone. Our family has owned and operated a retail comic comic books store in the past (back in the early 1990’s). Wanting to return to the hobby and business we love, we have decided to develop a website that specializes in professionally graded (CGC and CBCS) comic books. Unlike many other comic book websites that advertise comic books assuming that you know what you are buying, Close Encounters Of The Comic Book Mind provides additional background which emphasizes the importance of collectibility and investment potential for each book. Look through our inventory and see if you agree. We hope you find something special for your collection or investment portfolio.


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